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Control Room Operator (OPITO Approved)


Learn how to control emergencies and critical situations as CROs.


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​OPITO Approved Courses

More than 36 OPITO approved courses available.​

​Our Johor Bahru Training Centre holds 36 OPITO certifications, one of the most held by a single training centre.​


IWCF Courses

​​We offer a range of well control and well intervention training approved by IWCF.​

​O​il Spill Response

Our IMO​ accredited oil spill response training provides the right skills and knowledge for personnel at all levels to handle oil spills

Management of Major Emergencies

We pioneered the training of Management of Major Emergencies in the South East Asia region.

Crisis Management

3-Tier Crisis Management training for personnel to professionally manage emergencies at all levels.



Taming Sari Barge 



Take a tour of the Taming Sari, our unique purpose-built floating training centre. 

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