Frequently Asked Questions

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·         How do I book for a scheduled course?
·        How do I find out if a seat is available for a scheduled course?
·         I have sent in my course booking form to MSTS. How do I find out if my seat is confirmed for the course?
·         How do I make a payment?
·         I am interested to make a booking for a course but I do not see it on MSTS Asia’s course calendar, how do I enquire for more information?
·         I booked a course and received the Course Confirmation Form. Is it possible to reschedule my course?
·         How do I request for my course to be rescheduled?
·         How do I make a cancellation? What is the cancellation policy?
·         How can I get a certificate to be reissued?
·         How do I check the validity of a certificate issued from MSTS?
·         I would like to attend the MIS-BOSET course but do not have an offshore medical report, what should I do?
·         When should I renew my BOSIET Certificate?
·         I have a HUET (EBS) OPITO-approved certificate; must I attend the entire BOSIET course?
·         Where can I get an offshore medical check-up? Is it possible for MSTS to make arrangements for my medical assessments?
·         Will I get a Personal Safety Training Record book?
·         How can I obtain an MSTS Safety Card?
·         I understand that OPITO certificates are valid for 4 years. Why would my employer require me to go for a refresher course while my certificate is still valid?
·         Can MSTS arrange for my accommodation, daily pick-up to / from hotel to the training centre and airport transfer?
·         I wish to drive to MSTS’s training centre in Johor Bahru, do I need to make any special arrangements to enter the Johor Port area?
·         Are courses conducted in English?
·         What time should I arrive at the training centre?
·         Are meals provided at the training centre?
·         Do I need to bring my own personal protective equipment (PPE) for the training?
·         What type of attire should I have during training?
·         What should I bring along to the training centre?
·         What does OPITO stand for?
·         What does NOG stand for? When is BOSIET with NOG approval required?
·         Should I apply for the Seaman Card before or after the Basic Training Course (IMO STCW 78)? Can MSTS assist me to apply for the Seaman Card at the Malaysia Marine Department?
·         What is BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training)?
·         Are there any pre-requisites to attend a course?
·         What is the difference between T-BOSIET and BOSIET?

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