CRO Control Room Operator Emergency Response

Target Group

This assessment program is designed for Control Room Operators (CRO), who are assigned to control emergencies and critical situations on Offshore Installations.


Course Objectives
During the assessment delegates will demonstrate by means of practical simulation the necessary actions to take control of emergencies and critical situations.
Course Outline
Unit wide scope -
  • Individual operations
  • Team operations
  • Consideration of H2S and other toxic substances
  • Maintaining communication
  • Reacting to on-site emergencies
  • Safe systems of work

The main assessment criteria will be focused towards:

  • Maintaining a state of readiness
  • Controlling critical situations
  • Responding to emergencies

Course Duration

1 - 3 days (2 CRO assessed per day)



No expiry date


Pre Course Requirement

Delegates must be in possession of a valid BOSIET / FOET. Proficiency in written and spoken English is a must. It is recommended that the delegate has already performed in the role of CRO.


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