Crisis Management

Our Emergency Response and Crisis Management training has a proven track record of providing personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills to professionally manage emergencies at all levels.

MSTS is a one stop provider for all three tiers of crisis management.

Strategic - Tier 3
Corporate Crisis Management Team
Tasks: Corporate, strategic media  (international, national), strategic decisions for group, corporate level, business continuity, terrorism security, strategic HR, oversee and communicate with Tactical level.
Corporate crisis management plans

Tactical - Tier 2
Company level/ Country Tactical Crisis Management Team
Tasks: Tactical level, assist operational level, (media/spokesperson) resources, HR/Next of kin, communicate with corporate level, liason with customers' contractors
Tactical crisis management plans

Operational - Tier 1
Company at location, On-site
Tasks: Rescue, incident combat, normalization, communicate with Tactical level
Site-specific emergency response plans/procedures

All modules can be conducted at the level of detail that the customer requests. The program can be tailor-made programs to meet our client's needs and requirements. 

It is recommended for the training to be conducted onsite at our client's facilities and at locations where media interviews and press conferences are likely to take place. 

MSTS can arrange combined exercises involving emergency response teams from various locations such as the headquarters, country offices, and vessels. By observing the emergency response team in action, we are able to identify gaps and omissions that exist and would be in a position to assist clients to review and improve reviewing and improving existing Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plans. ​

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