Management of Major Emergencies

Is Your Team Ready to Deal With Major Emergencies?

Emergencies can occur at any time and even the smallest of incidents can escalate into a major catastrophe. It is essential that the operational teams onboard are well trained at dealing with incidents to prevent potential escalation. These teams are supported by the shore based Emergency Management Team (EMT), hence regular drills and exercises are required to ensure that response procedures can be put to test.
Without training on personal roles and responsibilities in handling a crisis and how the different tiers underneath are responding, senior executives could end up ruining the entire handling of crisis management. Bad crisis management can turn a relatively straight forward incident into a “company killer”.
More and more large global companies are realizing the needs for corporate level and senior managers to be trained and imparted with the necessary knowledge and skills in dealing with crisis situation. What about your organization?
Why Management of Major Emergencies?
By the end of the Management of Major Emergencies Training, your delegates will gain and demonstrate to a level of competence the roles and responsibilities of an Emergency Response Manager and:
• Information management
• Command and control techniques
• Stress management techniques
• Leadership and team management

Who should attend?
This course will benefit those who have worked as part of the Major Emergency Response Team offshore, such as OIM, production and maintenance superintendents, on scene commander, fire team leader, medic, radio operator, control room operator, muster checkers and lifeboat coxswains.

MSTS Asia pioneered the training of Management of Major Emergencies in the South East Asia region and is OPITO approved for O.I.M. Controlling Emergencies Assessment for Offshore Installations Managers and Major Emergency Management Initial Responder courses.
This 3 to 5 day course will include theory, role playing and simulation exercises. The course may be customized according to your organization's needs.
Accommodation and ground transportation can be arranged by MSTS upon request. 
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