Oil Spill Response Training

​A contingency plan is essential for any organisation that may potentially be managing oil spill incidents. Preparedness can reduce the cost of damages.

Basic training on oil spill response is vital for any industry personnel who may possibly encounter oil spills at a job site. Personnel equipped with the right skills and knowledge can act as effective first responders.
Our oil spill response training program comprises of three IMO accredited courses which are conducted using the latest practical training methods available.

Developed and lead by experienced trainers in the industry, these courses are fundamental to oil spill response preparedness. Delegates will gain an understanding and acquire the skills and competencies to manage and lead spill management operations at any level of the response team.

Designed for supervisors and personnel who will lead and manage logistics and waste disposal or be part of an oil spill response field team.

Designed for managers and supervisors who will lead or supervise oil spill response teams and those who support responsibilities within an incident command or emergency team

Designed for all senior managers, administrators and senior officials who will be the decision makers in planning for or managing the response to an oil spill.

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